8 thoughts on “Dry mouth?

  1. Dear Viv,
    My husband has been dealing with throat cancer since 2001. He had radiation therapy in 2002. He did not quit smoking then and the radiation was a waste of time. He has now quit smoking and we are going to Boston for an advanced treatment from Dr. Zeitels. He continues to drink beer ( a great deal less than he did) and always complains how dry his throat is. Reading your letters I now understand why.

    He has also been diagnosed with diabetes, but the medicine is controlling that.

    Do you have any ideas how he can continue drinking beer but stay lubricated?

  2. I am a throat cancer surviror i found a lump in my throat will showering and had third stage cancer of the voice box if remove i would never talk i am a 56 year old black women who smoke because my generation thought it was cool.
    well i found it in march of 09 finished thirty eight rad a 4 plantnum chems i do not have cancer 9 months later no sign but i us a mouth wash thats made for dry mouth I also have recently remove feeding tube so im not swallowing well need reciepe for soft food lost 50 pounds but still looking good! smile thanks for listening
    throat cancer surviver

  3. I just had a bad news, my Uncle, just found out he has throat cancer, I want to know a litte beat about,t to help him out…thanks…

  4. hey viv you know who i am? we were in swaziland working for TRACAR.
    i think 1975 can u recall?
    please let me know how can i contact you!!!!!
    best regards
    avner ben zvi

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